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Zodiac Marine Services is a leading marine and shipping company dedicated to providing quality and affordable marine and ship service to customers.

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Specialist Chemicals Portfolio

ZODIAC MARINE has a portfolio of speciality chemicals supported by our Technical Specialists.

Areas of support include:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Drilling & Completion
  • Production Chemicals (CMS)
  • Flow Assurance
  • Integrity & Long-Term Preservation
  • Remediation and dissolvers
  • Hydrotest (Preservation & Leak Detection)
  • Environmental Oilfield Waste Treatment
  • Decommissioning

ZODIAC MARINE has a dedicated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Team are accredited to ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environment).

ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY Production Chemicals provide quality products, designed specifically for our customers field requirements by our in-house technical specialists. Our chemicals provide economical, cost effective solutions which allow increases in productivity, cost reductions and HS&E benefits to our clients. We pride ourselves not only on the chemicals we design, manufacture and effectively apply in the field, but on our commitment to customer service through continuous evaluation and improvement of our processes, products and services.

A variety of chemicals, mainly of an organic nature, are used in enhancing production of oil and gas and mitigating problems associated with the production of oil and gas. Our production chemicals are used in the following ways:

– DEMULSIFIERS provide improvement of produced water clarity to meet governmental specifications oil in water for overboard discharge

– DEOILERS assist in the separation of oil, water (and gas) emulsions

– CORROSION INHIBITORS protect production plant and associated flowlines, pipelines and metal structures from corrosive environments particularly sea water and produced water

– SCALE INHIBITORS/DISSOLVERS mitigate and prevent scale formation from either produced or co-mingled waters under field conditions

WAX/PARAFFIN INHIBITORS prevent wax deposition due to temperature drops. Wax inhibitors can also enhance production from fields with high wax content by reducing the viscosity of the oil and preventing the solidification of high pour point crude oil during shut-downs

ASPHALTENE deposits can be found wherever incompatible hydrocarbon streams mix and are also commonly found in the wellbore and near-wellbore region around the bubble point. ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY can offer a selection of asphaltene inhibitors for continuous injection and dissolvers for deposit removal.

– BIOCIDES reduce the occurrence of bacterial populations, which can cause reservoir souring, biofouling and corrosion problems.

– SCAVENGERS remove harmful components from the produced fluid and injection fluid streams. ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY can offer hydrogen sulfide scavengers which can remove H2S from gas, oil and produced water streams. ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY can also offer oxygen scavengers which are typically used to remove oxygen from injection fluids but which can also be used in Hydrotest and drilling applications.

– DEPOSIT REMOVAL ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY is able to analyse oilfield deposits and advise on chemical methods for removal.

The ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY Production Chemicals Team firmly believes that the best way to develop new and best-in-class technologies is through pursuing a variety of synergistic strategies which allows us to improve our technical solutions to ever more challenging problems. These are:

  • In house research and development
  • Continuous development with supply chain partners
  • Specific and targeted joint industry initiatives
  • Specific partnerships with research and development institutes, universities and private technology companies

ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY headquarters are based in Portlethen, 4 miles south of the European Oil & Gas capital of TAKORADI . At this location are the business offices, extensive laboratory and R&D facilities as well as manufacturing, storage and distribution functions.

The proximity to TAKORADI  offers excellent road and rail links to TAKORADI  harbour and airport. TAKORADI  harbour is widely regarded as one of the key global hubs for servicing the offshore Oil & Gas Industry.

ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY offer a wide range of transportation solutions. Our logistics team manage the movement (air, sea & road), warehousing and delivery of material to ensure we can meet our customer’s exact demands of direct line feed and just in time delivery. We aim to exceed our customer expectations with our tailored services and 24/7 support.

Services Overview

  • Global sea freight and air freight
  • Local / Domestic road transport
  • Courier services
  • 3rd party services such as waste management, CCU’s, transportation and fuel services

Laboratory Facilities

Our global R&D hub in TAKORADI  is utilised in the development and testing of production chemicals and remedial treatments for problematic areas such as wax, scale deposition and corrosion. This dedicated research and development centre in TAKORADI  provides ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY the unique ability to undertake extensive chemical research, testing and development to manufacture best-in-class chemical solutions that suit individual field requirements, globally.

The 456sqm facility houses three high specification laboratories which have been designed to handle specific testing conditions and environmental scenarios:

  • The Drilling and Completions Laboratory includes specialist equipment for testing fluids under simulated downhole conditions, supporting new product development of lubricants and other wellbore treatment chemicals.
  • The Integrity Laboratory has been designed for sour service, enabling H2S gas mixtures to be used in the evaluation of corrosion inhibitors and H2S scavengers at elevated temperatures and pressures.
  • The Flow Assurance Laboratory houses equipment to evaluate scale, wax and asphaltene inhibitors and dissolvers to support oil and gas field operators’ flow assurance challenges.

The premises also accommodates quality control testing areas, conference facilities and additional office space.

Our highly experienced staff have an extensive knowledge of the oilfield and laboratory testing practices allowing the research, development and screening of chemicals under conditions that closely mimic those encountered in the field, using field fluids wherever possible.

All the Laboratory Work Instructions in use in the ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY laboratory are controlled in our internal document management system and are subject to regular review. These work instructions are based on standard methods such as ASTM, NACE and IP.

Laboratory equipment is listed in the equipment register. All equipment is calibrated on a regular basis; this is controlled in a database. Where necessary, third party UKAS accredited laboratories are employed to calibrate critical equipment such as pressure transduces and viscometers.

ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY routinely perform a wide range of sample analyses. These can include, but are not limited to; Oil in Water, Determination of Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor Residuals and Biological Testing. For external analysis ZODIAC MARINE SPECIALITY sub-contract to a local UKAS-accredited laboratory.