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Zodiac Marine Services is a leading marine and shipping company dedicated to providing quality and affordable marine and ship service to customers.

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PPE Supply

No other PPE provider is run by a Health and Safety Consultancy who are experts on PPE and advice customers on what is the best for their needs. You benefit from this as experts are not only on hand to help, but also know what products would be the best for any hazard or task. It made a lot of sense for us as Health and Safety Consultants to not only specify what equipment should be used, but also be able to provide it.

We are constantly in touch with the leading manufacturers and new innovations are added to the website before anyone else.


Head Protection

We provide a large selection of head protection, including safety helmets and bump caps, all of which have been CE approved to meet the applicable European Standards. Face visors are compatible with all of our head protection.

If you work in an environment where your head is at risk of impact harm or other risks such as burns, head protection is a must-have piece of PPE. Safety helmets, bump caps, and thermal liners are among the head protection options we provide. All safety helmets meet all applicable safety requirements.

Below is a list of all of our head protection and safety helmets. We sell head protection and safety helmets from well-known manufacturers

Eye Protection

From safety goggles to face visors, there are hundreds of different varieties of eye protection on the market. Eye protection and safety goggles are an important aspect of personal protective equipment (PPE), and having the correct protection for your eyes is critical, especially while working in a hazardous workplace where your eyesight is at risk. Safety goggles and eye protection from well-known brands such as Beeswift eye protection, Bolle safety glasses, JSP safety goggles, and UVEX eye protection are all available. Below is a list of all of the eye protection that PPE Stores has to offer.

Ear Plugs & Defenders

If you operate in an environment where your hearing is at risk, hearing protection is a must-have piece of PPE. Employers should assess and give hearing protection to employees when additional ear protection is required, guaranteeing optimal workplace safety. When there is a chance of hearing loss, hearing protection should be worn. Loud noise or prolonged exposure to noise that cannot be minimised falls under this category. For example, construction site noise is frequently high, and excessive noise can cause hearing loss. If the noise level exceeds 85 dB, hearing protection must be given. PPE Stores has a large selection of hearing protection.

Face Protection

Our face protection assist workers avoid wearing incompatible and risky alternatives like hoodies underneath their helmets, while also delivering the best in face protection, comfort, and warmth. PPE Stores offers a wide choice of head protection accessories for purchase online.

Safety Boots & Shoes

We stock a wide range of protective safety boots, trainers, and shoes for use in environments where there is a risk of injury from falling objects or compression. A variety of styles and colours are available from big brands.
Our range of work boots includes DeWalt, Dickies, Stanley and v12 safety boots along with scruffs safety trainers. Across the range we stock safety footwear from sb to s3 on work boots and s5 on safety wellingtons, with features such as reinforced shin and heel, resistance to heat, fuel and oil, and various waterproof membranes. All boots are slip resistant from sra to src.

Steel toe cap boots offer high protection for those who work on a site. The scruffs nubuck boots, with padded tongue and heel control, are both comfortable and lightweight. Other safety boots include black chukka boots with a leather upper, lightweight dual density polyurethane sole, and padded collar for the ultimate safety protection. All safety boots come in sizes 8 to 11, with a selection available in 3-11.

Safety Gloves

We understand that selecting the appropriate hand protection can be difficult, so if you’re unclear which safety gloves you require, and we’ll be pleased to assist you. Safety gloves are an important aspect of personal protective equipment (PPE) that are designed to protect your hands from injury at work or in other potentially dangerous situations.