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Ship Chartering & Brokerage Services

At Zodiac Marine we  offer  ship chartering services for either export/import from/to Ghana ports for Bulk Dry cargoes, Liquid Cargoes, Steel Product, Fertilizer,  Plywood, Cement, Nickel Ore, Iron Ore, Indonesia Steam Coal, Paper, Clinkers, Gypsum, Palm Kernel/Shell, Copra Expeller, Cocoa, Palm Oils, Crude Palm Oil, Etc.

Our expert chartering team is responsible to handle all your shipment from/into the port of Ghana, from loading port into port of discharging, by chartering terms and conditions by our principal requirements. We offer clients bespoke services for;

– managing group of bulk carrier’s fleet to any Ghana Port Tema & Takoradi.

– securing cargoes for the open vessel as well as long term contract of freight orders, time charter contract of the vessel for long and/or short time charter period.

Vessel Maintenance

Vessel maintenance support services are a specialty among Zodiac Marine’s unique capabilities. The company also employs its own set of methods and procedures to ensure that every vessel repair and related services it delivers leaves clients satisfied.

Our team of experienced, qualified tradesmen supports a client’s vessel maintenance and repair works either at berth or at anchorage. The maintenance team covers repairs and installations of mechanical, electrical, hydraulics, steelwork, painting/corrosion protection and carpentry blasting & painting, steelwork repairs, pressure testing and electrical & lighting work. The team also deals with any relights due to damage from contact with vessels or lighting faults.

We provide a multitude of services tailored around our customer requirements such as.

Complete topside and voyage repairs for ocean going vessels, offshore structures (rig) and mobile offshore drilling units (rig)

Steel Repairs:

  • Collision damage and steel renewals
  • Steel fabrication
  • New installation and pressure vessels
  • On board mechanical repairs and overhauls
  • Machine Shop services for marine, offshore and industry
  • Reconditioning and overhaul of diesel engine components
  • Electrical generator and motor rewinding
  • Electrical fault finding
  • Cleaning – Tanks, Engine rooms, Bilge system, Decks and Pipelines
  • Ultra High Pressure Blasting – Grit, Hydro, Sand Painting – all sorts of painting jobs
  • Tank Recoating
  • Special Epoxy Painting, Mast to Boot Top
  • Cargo Hold Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Planning
  • Internal tasks – dust collection, vacuum cleaning

Port Agency Services

Zodiac Marine Ship Agency Service offers clients with offering you a fast and accurate reply on your Vessel PD/A request for Time/Voyage Charter vessel trips to Ghana Tema and Takoradi Ports.

We are located in Tema 10 mins drive to the Main Port of Tema and Takoradi. On request our local offices will inform you on port conditions, berth restrictions, local port regulations, important local weather influences, and load and discharge methods, estimated duration of the port call and a competitive estimation of port and cargo expenses. As your local professional agents our office will provide:

  • Constant  assistance to the master during operations and expediting dealing with all parties involved
  • Endless reporting to the operators on cargo/vessel operations progress and updated ETC/ETD
  • Fastest turnaround by clear coordination and evaluation with port and cargo operators
  • Transparent overview of expenses made on your behalf during the Port call

Husbandry Agency

Providing support management of your vessel needs at Ghana ports is one of our best services we offer as part of our Ship Agency services portfolio.

Our local offices will Zodiac Marine uses its extensive local networks to assist you and provide your vessel with best supplies, quality ship chandelling services, cargoes surveys.

After you have appointed Zodiac Marine as your agents we assist and provide services for:

  • Crew Changes. Full assistance from Pre-Arrival to On Board the Vessel or Airport Departures
  • Permits and License. We will assist in obtaining Port Work and Maintenance Permits
  • Bunker Supply, providing you with competitive priced supply of marine fuels, lube oils and fresh water at berth/key side
  • Workshops that offers full hull, engine, machinery, navigation and communication equipment repairs.
  • Wide variety of Ship Stores Supplies that guarantees competitive prices and reliable stores delivery
  • Cash to Master. Against a fair rate we can safely provide the master with cash advances

Protecting Agency

For Vessel Charter its always common knowledge that cannot always appoint your preferred local ship agent. You might not receive the assistance and feedback from your forced upon agents.

Zodiac Marine offer s enhanced Ship Protecting Agency services In these cases our offices can protect your interests by providing you with the assistance where the appointed port agents may fail you. By appointing us as your protecting agents we will:

  • Report updates on ETA/ETB/ETC and daily cargo operations and issuing SOF
  • Provide the usual scope of husbandry agency services
  • Assist the master and operator in obtaining the fastest turnaround
  • On request we can pay on your behalf and verify PDA and FDA on correctness and completeness

Port D/A Requirement

Zodiac Marine Services provides competitive port d/a’s for all types of vessels calling at Ports of Ghana. We attach special priority quality services to keep the vessel on spot and smooth discharge during daily operation of the vessel loading and discharging.

Our operations team will support your ships services in 24 hours a day and seven days a week with competent staff. Our Ops team ensures a quick and smooth dispatch for your vessel that call at any ports of Ghana ports. Port D/A is calculated in Gross Tonnage vessel basis. Pls send us your vessels details and nature of cargo and we will send you a very PD/A promptly.

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