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“Management is nothing more than motivating other people.” – Lee Iacocca

Diving Is a Leap Of Faith Plus Gravity


Zodiac Recruitment Services is a recruitment agency with an objective to provide an organization with a pool of potentially qualified job candidates;

Acquire this pool at the lowest possible cost

Equip employees with the competencies requested for current and future jobs.

Zodiac recruits new staff ; identify people with the potential to be promoted and developed; counsel staff who are under-performing; put teams together; identify pressure points and areas of frustration within an organisation, decide on the best organisational structure and create incentive programmes that really motivate.

We offer recruitment of permanent, contract, executive, technical and casual staffs for the Banking and financial industry, Oil and Gas industry, Construction industry, Education/ Academic, Hospitality, Catering and Events, Call centres, Telecommunication and IT, etc.

Zodiac Recruitment Services assures its clients of

Quality service at affordable price

After service Human Resource solutions

Monitoring and Evaluation

Training programmes for employee efficiency. E.g. Computer courses

Setting up Human Resource department and putting in place policies

Long lasting relationship with clients

Comprehensive report on service rendered

How Zodiac can help your organisation?

Recruitment: selecting suitable job candidates to align with the mission, vision, values and culture of the organisation, whether they are external or internal candidates. Assessments can be used to create an initial short-list, to decide on interview questions and outline the best description for the job

Retention: Zodiac helps manage team relationships, resolve conflicts, adapt training programmes and ensure people are in the right job. Staffs feel valued in a positive work environment and so are less likely to leave. We investigate which form of motivation suites which employee. (intrinsic or extrinsic)

-Training: Identify strengths and limitations; determine training needs to be used to evaluate the success of training courses. Equip employees with the competencies requested for current and future jobs execution.

-Development: Zodiac will improve individual, team and corporate performance in terms of output, quality, speed and overall productivity. Through individual development, Create a platform to coach employees struggling with aspects of their job, put together high performance project teams.

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