Zodiac Marine Services | Our Policies
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Our Mission

Providing Quality and Affordable Marine and ship service to customers by competent and satisfied employees who pay attention to customer detail and satisfaction.

Our Vision

Become the leading marine services provider for the West Africa sub – region.

Our Customer Charter

It is not just words; it is a goal at our very core, guide by seven promises that are outlined in Our Customer Charter for all to see.
Promises we have created by speaking to customers like you. And that we plan to deliver by always providing the best Quality Service, no matter what your supplies and service need are;
Right Treatment
Right result
On time delivery
We will never compromise on safety
Customer support & complaints
We will protect your personal information
We support environment initiatives

Quality Statement

Zodiac marine services incorporates quality in all aspects of its business, assuring the highest standards and satisfaction for its customers, employees and shareholders.
We strive to achieve this end by offering Quality Planning in our service delivery, Quality Assurance of the products we supply, and Quality Control of the process we engage in.

Anti-Fraud Statement

At zodiac marine services we strive to be the leader in our sector industry…but certainly not at any going price.
We apply transparency in reporting and meeting the expectation of regulations, shareholders and compliance policy with all relevant Anti-corruption laws including, but not limited to, Ghana Anti-Money Laundering Act, 2008 (Act 749), the US Foreign Corruption Practices Act “FCPA” and the UK Bribery Act.

HSE Statement

Zodiac marine services is committed to the protection of our personnel, property, the environment and the public throughout the communities and countries in which we work.
This commitment requires us to provide the best possible services to our employees, clients and shareholders, and let us compete and grow in a global marketplace.
Our management team is committed to providing the capital investment and the time to fulfill our promise to provide a safe workplace free of foreseeable hazards, which could pose a risk to property, the environment, our employee or the public.
Zodiac marine services believes that through a good Strong Health, Safety, Environment and Cultural plan we can protect our employees, assets, communities and the environment from injury, accidental hazards.

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