Diving Services


divingZMS employs fully accredited divers of all types for underwater maintenance, repair and support services for LPG, LNG, Chemical, and in addition to Container Vessels, Product Tankers and Oil Tankers, Cruise Liners, Jack up Rigs. Our Diver welders are qualified to AWS and ABS weld procedures
We own, maintain and bring to work the most advanced technologies for underwater inspections. In doing so, we are able to perform the most detailed underwater surveys on the market in Ghana Ports.
ZMS provides dive services for virtually all types of marine and subsea operations. From shallow water operations to complex underwater welding projects requiring saturation dive systems, we have the technology and experience to efficiently complete your every project.

• Surface supplied air and mixed gas diving
• Water depths to 300 feet
• Level II, III & IV MMS platform inspections
• Pipeline repairs and abandonments
• Pre- and post-pipeline crossing remediation
• Wellhead repairs and abandonments
• Conductor stub and pile removals
• Riser clamp, riser installations and abandonments
• Spool piece metrology and subsea tie-ins
• Underwater burning and welding
• Rig support and rig move site surveys
• Site clearance, debris removal and salvage
• Lay barge, derrick barge and jet barge support
• Pipeline and platform anode retrofits
• Hot taps and subsea valve operations
• Project management and engineering services
• Marine support vessels
• Surface supplied air and mix gas
• Saturation diving
• Level II, III and IV platform inspections
• Pipeline inspections
• Marine surveys
• Marine inspections
• Site clearance
• Debris removal and salvage
• IRM of production facilities
• Anode IRM
• Cathodic protection surveys
• Oil and gas field maintenance and repair
• Rig support and rig site surveys
• Subsea photo and ROV surveys
• Non-destructive testing (ultrasonic and magnetic particle)

We specialize in the following key services:

• Underwater Maintenance
• Underwater Repairs
• Hull cleaning and propeller polishing equipment supplies
• Inspection Diving Services & Manned Digital Video
• Profiling & Side Scan Sonar
• Magnetometers & Hydrographic Surveys
• Marine construction & Maintenance Repair
• 24 Hour Service/Emergency Response
• Diving Services for the Oil and Gas Industry
• Underwater Construction, Repair and Thruster and Propeller Repair/Replacement
• Certified DNV and ABS Wet Welding Procedures and ABS Inspection & DNV Inspection and Underwater Certified Welding (NEPSYS)
• Platform Inspections (Levels 1, 2, & 3) and Anode Retrofit
• Salvage Operations and Pipeline Inspection and Repair
• Seachest Door Fabrication, Seachest Valve Replacement and Capping

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