Zodiac Courier Service is driven by the necessity to innovate through the application of technology and through our customized solutions and tailor-made Courier Service Products, we are able to offer our clients a unique advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our company prides itself on its consistent high levels of service and ability to offer personal attention to clients.

Zodiac Courier  Service is a customer-centric courier organization and has built its business on being quick, smart and reliable.  To this extent, Zodiac Courier is committed to constant innovation in order to deliver an exceptional product and service to our clients.

We are excited about the prospect of providing you with a professional courier service that will help establish a solid foundation for the future, from which we can grow a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.  We encourage you to contact one of our professional sales representatives or executive members to discuss these possibilities.

Working with some of the world’s largest couriers, including UPS, Hermes and Parcel-force, Parcel-2-Go can help you send a parcel to 220 countries worldwide. Not only have we garnered a strong reputation among our customers over the years, we’ve also built solid relationships with a host of high-profile global suppliers, which means we are able to secure big-name express parcel delivery services on low-cost parcels.


  • Our Service Promise…….

Courier Service – Discretion is essential, especially when carrying sensitive items such as extremely valuable antiques or works of art. We will always carry out your deliveries with complete discretion.

Honesty and Integrity – We will only accept your work if we feel it is possible to complete it successfully. If we feel that we are unable to fulfill a job in your timescale – because of weather, road or other conditions, we will tell you at booking. We can then either agree to change the timescale or not take on your work.

Adaptability – Conditions change on Ghana’s crowded roads and hold ups occur unexpectedly. If there is a holdup, we will first let you know and then try to route our courier around it using live traffic routing. If there is a need to change the delivery point as a result, we will happily do so for you.


  • Our service mission………

To become a premier provider of courier and logistical services to individuals and businesses within the borders of Ghana through innovative solutions, technology and service excellence.


  • Our business vision……….

We will be the market leaders in Domestic and International Express parcel business in Ghana by offering excellent services value reliability and tailor made logistics solutions.

We will do this by empowering its staff facilitated by continuous training and leading edge systems.

Zodiac Courier Value statement


We are performance driven and uphold the following


  • Quality
  • Growth and Development
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Respect


We offer a comprehensive suite of domestic courier services with express delivery solutions.

These include;



Next Day / Economy

Road Freight services as well as express warehousing.

Zodiac Courier is an express logistics company, providing access to a comprehensive domestic infrastructure.  We service more than 200 routes daily through distribution hubs in all major cities in Ghana.  Our domestic courier services will provide the perfect delivery solution for you with various delivery time frames. Please select one of the domestic services

Our Domestic Courier Services

Our international Courier Services